Warrior By Jaguar and EL – Music Review

Warrior By Jaguar and EL can be adapted by Kakamega High School and performed at the Kenya Drama and Music Festival – better still the Kenya Boys Choir can arrange a powerful rendition from the chorus and come up with a ground breaking piece that would cut across all generations.

Ideally Warrior by Jaguar and EL is a masterpiece – you can play the song in East Africa, South Africa, Central Africa and West Africa; and people will shake their head to it. The beat is captivating since it has a mix of all African sound. Although, I wish a nyatiti was used to enhance the bass and tune – at least to make it more Kenyan.

EL’s voice in the song is just amazing – he has a way of connecting the versus and the chorus in a seamless and enjoyable tune…and the chorus has been harmonized by amazing male voices that seduce the listener to reply the chorus more than once.

Jaguar has also tried to sing in this song but it didn’t come out as I expected. I think EL placed the bar too high with his West African accent forcing Jaguar to kind of sing like him – that did not work. Even his slow rap at 2:06 on the song it’s not very interesting when you compare it with EL’s rap at 0:58.

The music video on the other end is fantastic. The mood and color correction applied on the clips; are dope. But it would have been better if a Maasai lady was thrown in somewhere for a balanced equation – you know. The video starts with a stunning African lady running on the shore of an ocean and then pulls the famous beach jump.

This song was first recorded at the Coke Studio with Dj Maphorisa and people loved the combo. They came together to narrate an African story – a story of our strength as Africans and how we conquer the world in culture and arts.

Producer: Dj Maphorisa


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