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The Dread-locked guy – Hunting ground, Mafisete Edition –

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As I had pointed out earlier, I love me a dread-locked man. Something about them reminds me of the vikings, Ragna and his long rugged hair. You have to admit, he looks dangerously hot. Watching them emerge from the water – making droplets drip down from their hair. My every dream come true. Imagining that on a black man is va-va-voom. The hunt was on.

The universe never lets you down once you have that thought. This early morning I had a TV interview, all set, my mind was not ready to meet the man of my dreams. I was anxious, pacing, all I could think of was, what if my hair isn’t right, my outfit, my make up. What if I lack the right answers or the right things to say. What if I get a panic attack of sorts. I was a mess. Minutes later, I got a call from the producer we were to go on the air in five. My heart rate was wild, as we walked to the studio until the door opened and there he was.

Before me stood this guy, he was wearing baby blue khaki pants, and a stripped shirt with blue and white combo. I don’t remember what shoes he was wearing, I don’t think I even thought of his shoes, he could have walked naked for all I care. Man, that guy was fine.

I am not really the shy type when I see something I like. I am a go getter. I will come to you tell you what I think and make sure by the time I’m leaving I have your number. This guy though…lol! I was mind blown. I stood there thinking – is it me or is this real? All the other girls there seemed super comfortable. I figured it was all in my head. Had to put on my serious face, I was there for the interview after all.

Every time the camera was not on me, my eyes wondered to exploring this guy, the way he talked, how he stood, how he smiled. He was perfect, and his hair, so many thought raced through my mind. After the interview though I was running up and down trying to find out how I was going to get my hands on that video. I needed photos, to create a social media hype on the same. I couldn’t really keep tabs on what my crush was doing.

When I finally caught my breathe, there was a man’s voice behind me. It was him, but he was leaving, I had completely no time to give myself a proper introduction so I just watched him walk away. Something inside me was not willing to really let him so I began a new hunt, I wanted a way to reach him. After a few failed attempts, I finally had his number. Went straight to his whatsapp, “hey, I was with you in the morning at the studio and I was wondering whether I could take you out for lunch”.

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I am a lover of art and music. A free spirit and thinker who finds life in expressing herself through her writing. Welcome to my subconscious mind.

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