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Our very own trophy boys at it again with a brand new tune. Sauti Sol`s recent collaboration with Bebe Cool has brought forth a super African tune with the title Mbozi za Malwa. A guaranteed club banger in the Luganda language, very few English words to of course speak and reach all markets. The video is colorful as it is simple, there is no show of fancy cars and almost half naked white girls or even the venue but it is very well done. (A Sasha Vybes Production) The location and camera person, the whole production team was very thorough which brings me to the question, anyone knows who the stylist was? I’m going to need that number ASAP!

Like I said, most of the lyric of the song sound gibberish to me but I love the song. It’s my favorite right now. Bien’s introduction, “I see you came to party” followed by Bebe Cool’s husky voice and the beat is just an invite to the dance floor. To burst out in that Baganda dance we all are familiar with, that spirit is carried through the whole song. One artist after the other, voice after the other, variations in the sound, introduction and withdrawal of the drum, change of rhythm. The name of the song is carried out throughout the chorus maintaining its relevance and making it a very catchy tune.

#MbozizaMalwa video coming soon. @bebecool_ug x #SautiSol #Kenya #Uganda

A post shared by SAUTI SOL 🇰🇪 (@sautisol) on Apr 22, 2017 at 6:08am PDT

The boys are dressed in suits made from the African fabric another quality I like about this song. The set is full of calabashes colored, art, the use of traditional brew, which I have to say was my favorite part of the song. In a time when everybody is trying really hard to sound and look foreign, of course I was going to add that, it’s what everybody in Kenya is talking about now, Sauti Sol have remained grounded. People keep asking what is so special with Sauti Sol, that is your answer. They found a niche that is almost going into extinction, the African sound, and decided to  put their all there. This allows them participate in a equal platform with the Nigerians who have broken the markets with their culture and music. Wiz Kid is doing collaborations with Drake, I mean, that’s levels eh? levels  have changed. If there is anything an upcoming artist can borrow from them, remain grounded, remain true to self, do you.

I know, the song is Bebe Cool’s, who I didn’t even know could sing until I heard this song. The guy has a very powerful husky voice, his diction is perfect, and did I say husky? Mh! he blends o so effortlessly with our boys, whose vocal prowess I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone who is Kenyan. No, not doing that. Mbozi za Malwa is just one of those songs we say, “when the music hits you, you feel no pain”. I give it a 910.  The only thing off about the video is Bebe Cool’s hair, I for one have no idea what is going on there, Chimano on the other end has done things to his hair weh! every video a different hair style, in this he tried to look normal ha, I ain’t hating though, they are super stars. Well deserved super stars, next time you go clubbing and don’t hear this song in the set, that Dj is whack.


You can catch #MbozizaMalwa all weekend long only on MTV. Enjoy! cc @bebecool_ug 🙌🔥

A post shared by SAUTI SOL 🇰🇪 (@sautisol) on Apr 29, 2017 at 1:59am PDT

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