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In high school, the geography students used to explain to historians how the ground has the ability to produce hot water that can boil an egg or used to make hot chocolate – ‘hot chocolate was the soda at the time‘. But we never believed them. It sounded like a geographical myth to C.R.E and History students. How can hot water sprinkle from the ground?

Regina-Re having a hot shower/swim

Well, thanks to Versatile Adventures and Lake Magadi Adventures, Kenyan Story crew managed to capture the best views of the Lake Magadi hot springs. The adventure was unbelievable. The only challenge that we faced was the scorching sun and the white-salty effect on our faces. The girl’s makeup turned whitish and the boys didn’t suffer that much because we are kind of used to salty skin and sweaty face – this is purely my opinion though.

Lake Magadi Hot Springs

On this particular article, I’m going to let the photos do the storytelling. Who likes reading adventure stuff? Or geography for that matter? But before we enjoy the photos, I must throw in some fun facts about Lake Magadi hot springs.

According to a field guide to the Lake Magadi area, the lake is covered by sodium carbonate alkaline in Southern Kenya near the Tanzania Border. The lake receives its water from the hot springs around the edges of the lake with relatively minor additions from the monsoonal rains. It should be mentioned that the main part of Magadi is only covered by water for a small part of the year. This relatively thin layer of water accumulates during the wet season, and evaporates exposing a vast pan of trona, hydrated sodium bicarbonate carbonate (Na3(HCO3)(CO3)·2(H2O). This trona is ‘mined’ and purified by the Magadi Soda Company and the resulting soda ash or simply sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), is sold for a variety of uses including glass manufacturing, fabric dyeing and paper production.

Regina explaining something…

And the Lake Magadi Hot Springs is believed to have medicinal value to the skin curing ailments such as skin rushes, pimples and acne, dry skin conditions and also helps in strengthening the bones in the body.

Benja – our tour guide


Photography by Kenyan Story

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