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Kenyan Story 2017-08-31T13:02:50Zhttp://kenyanstory.com/feed/atom/WordPresshttps://i2.wp.com/kenyanstory.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/cropped-BLOG-1.png?fit=32%2C32Muse Masterhttp://kenyanstory.comhttp://kenyanstory.com/?p=27162017-08-31T13:02:50Z2017-08-31T13:02:50ZAm running this errand in Industrial area at the end of which I hop into a matatu. It is heading to the CBD so I just jump in minus confirming its sacco name so as to be certain when to alight. This is necessary in Nairobi if you don’t want to be dropped off in places where you will need to hail a bike to eventually get to your destination, a few (wait sorry, many) more coins broker. The music in this matatu is good. Some backstreet DJ has assembled the finest of soulful gospel tracks, mature and way far from the noisy, empty type our ears are lately accustomed to. Before I know it am so engrossed in the annals of the tunes blurring out of the speakers I fail to notice instead of entering Landhies Road at the Jogoo Road roundabout, the driver has taken the route that heads straight into Muthurwa market. How I even came to know of Muthurwa as a market is a wonder because I can’t even tell the name of the road we just turned into. The driver puts his foot down on the gas as traffic seems to ease and hasten, a clear […]

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]]>0Muse Masterhttp://kenyanstory.comhttp://kenyanstory.com/?p=27132017-08-29T04:50:27Z2017-08-29T04:50:27ZThe ongoing presidential petition at the Supreme Court of Kenya has brought into sharp focus the persons appearing for NASA as petitioner and other respondents including Jubilee, Uhuru Kenyatta, Wafula Chebukati and IEBC, named as respondents in the case. Many have argued that the current assembly at Kenya’s highest court is the finest of legal minds available in the country. Well that is true for as far as the faces on your TV have been in the last few days. What many are asking however is just how much these intellectuals in robes take home. In 2015 for example in case that Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK) reported under a hash tag #LearnedThieves, a report revealed that Lawyers serving the Nairobi County Government was experiencing challenges paying a total sum of 5 billion shillings for the simple reason that lawyers representing the county decided their own fees. The Nairobi County Government was therefore obliged to pay these dues since no formal regime exists spelling out how advocates should be paid for their services. COFEK cited this an open case of outright exploitation. But some have argued that the gravity of matters for which these learned friends take time to study […]

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]]>0Erick Vatetahttp://kenyanstory.com%20http://kenyanstory.com/?p=27092017-08-25T13:41:37Z2017-08-25T13:41:37Z1,567 teams have confirmed participation in the inaugural national Chapa Dimba na Safaricom tournament set to begin next month. “Since the launch of Chapa Dimba na Safaricom towards end of June, our partners FKF have been busy recruiting talented boys and girls in all parts of the country. The turnout was great although we wish more girls had come forward to display their talents just like the boys did,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Director – Consumer Business, Safaricom. Nairobi region has 167 teams confirmed while Nyanza will have 235. From North Eastern, there will be 80 teams participating while Western, Rift and Eastern regions will have 197, 352 and 189 teams respectively. The Coast region will have 163 teams with 184 from Central signing up. The competition will kick off on 9th September with the group stages, followed by the knockout phase, regional finals, with the grand finale set for March 2018. “We are grateful to our partners Safaricom for facilitating this tournament because there is a lot of talent throughout the country that lacks a platform to practice and showcase their skills. Through the tournament we will directly reach over 20,000 young people between the ages of 16-20 as each […]

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]]>0Muse Masterhttp://kenyanstory.comhttp://kenyanstory.com/?p=27062017-08-25T13:11:10Z2017-08-25T13:11:10ZNext time I watch Chelsea play I promise you I’ll go to a joint. Last week when Marcos Alonzo fired in the screamer that called it 2-1 for us against Tottenham when I watched that game from my living room, I celebrated the goal in so much noise and ecstasy my little son woke up from the bedroom and screamed. His mother has never forgiven me. Well, it’s because last week Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United armchair analysts had predicted a walloping at the hands of Spurs. On Monday night, we watched Wayne Rooney pull off his 200th Premier League goal to match the all-time great Allan Shearer. It can never get any better for Wazza the smooth operator. He has made his mark in history and in front of goals. Even more spectacular is the fact that his even number goals ending in zero have always come against the noisy neighbors Manchester City. His stint at Everton is going to be as glorious as it has been at Old Trafford. Fast forward to this weekend. I will be very candid with you. If you want to bet am going to show you where your money should go. Manchester City […]

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]]>0Erick Vatetahttp://kenyanstory.com%20http://kenyanstory.com/?p=27022017-08-25T08:55:32Z2017-08-25T08:55:32ZUber Kenya has rolled out Multi Destinations – a new feature that makes it easy for riders to add multiple stops along their route. This means that riders who want to take a trip with multiple stops can have a more ideal experience. Commenting on the new feature, Uber General Manager for East Africa, Loic Amado said “Riders and drivers do not have to edit destinations while on trip where multiple stops are involved. The feature also benefits drivers as the pricing on the app will now be updated as the new destinations are updated. The Multi- destinations feature also benefits the forward dispatch process as updated destinations will now be included in the forward dispatch process.” To access the feature, riders will have to be logged on to their Uber applications and request for their rides. To choose their adventure, riders will then tap the “+” next to the “Where To” destination box to add stop(s) at any point before or during their trips. Riders can also add change or remove a stop while on the go, all they need to do is to add, change or remove the destination from the on trip screen accessible on the app. “Whether […]

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]]>0Muse Masterhttp://kenyanstory.comhttp://kenyanstory.com/?p=26992017-08-25T07:09:19Z2017-08-25T07:09:19ZThere is something about families and relationships. They are built over time and entail strong emotional bonds. The government of Kenya has engineered one hell of a divorce that Kenyans will take a long time to move on from. The love of plastic carrier bags and flat bags is the longest relationship any typical Kenyan has kept in a long time. As little children, most of us rolled the little clear packaging bags into air-tight bags then exploded them like bombs close to ears of whoever was nearby, of course for the sheer fun and thrill of it. The result was even better if the little explosion startled the target. But the best part of plastic packaging bags remains the quick remedy resort, the ease with which many convert them into makeshift football balls for the village playground. Who needed expensive football balls bought from shops any way to enjoy the beautiful game? As a little boy, the ability to make a perfect polythene makeshift ball aided by sisal ropes or some synthetic strings picked and cobbled up here and there made you an instant hero. Owning such a polythene football ball made one a heavily sought after “tycoon” among […]

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]]>0Erick Vatetahttp://kenyanstory.com%20http://kenyanstory.com/?p=26922017-08-04T06:19:29Z2017-08-04T06:19:29ZSafaricom has pledged KES 17 Million support towards the biennial Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally scheduled for 23rd November to 1st December across Kenya and Tanzania. Safaricom made the announcement at an event held at the Nairobi National Park where Ramesh Vishram one of the participants, who will be rallying for the 5th time also presented his car for the rally – a Ford Escort MK2. In addition to Sh15 Million cash sponsorship, Safaricom will provide connectivity and airtime worth Sh2 Million for the officials and rally crews. “The Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally continues to uphold its reputation as one of the world’s toughest contests. It is our pleasure to be part its rich heritage. As fans come to experience the adventure of the rally, they will get an opportunity not just to sample the beauty of our country but will also get the chance to experience the breadth of Safaricom’s network coverage and fast internet speeds as they follow the action,” said Sylvia Mulinge, Director – Consumer Business Unit, Safaricom. Among the big names enlisted for the event are 1984 World Rally Champion Stig Blomqvist, local hero and six time Kenya Champion Ian Duncan, as […]

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]]>0Erick Vatetahttp://kenyanstory.com%20http://kenyanstory.com/?p=26872017-08-04T05:38:24Z2017-08-04T05:32:23ZKCB Group recorded a pre-tax profit of KShs. 14.75 Billion for the first half ending June 2017. This was helped by a strong performance of its core retail and corporate business, non- interest income and lower interest expense. Following these results, the Board of Directors considered and approved payment of an interim dividend of KShs 1 per share to be paid in the next 90 days. KCB Group CEO and MD Joshua Oigara said the business however remained resilient, showing strong momentum for growth into the second half of the year, adding that the management has put up strategies to boost earnings largely through digital channels. “The business fundamentals remain strong and we are optimistic of a stronger performance in the remaining part of the year. We are continually pursuing a sustainable business model and excellence in customer experience to enable us play a more catalytic role in East Africa’s economic journey,” said Mr Oigara. “The banking sector continues to undergo numerous challenges and as a Bank, our continuous innovation and customer centric orientation ensures that we remain focused on acting as an enabler for progress to our customers. That is what drives us to excellence” he added. According to […]

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]]>0Erick Vatetahttp://kenyanstory.com%20http://kenyanstory.com/?p=26802017-08-01T20:59:01Z2017-08-01T20:59:01ZUber has partnered with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to ferry Persons Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) to and from their respective polling stations in Nairobi, Thika and Mombasa on August 8, 2017, free of charge. The technology company, which has been operating in the country since 2015, will also give all new and existing riders a KSh 200 discount to and from their polling stations on voting day in the cities that it is currently present in Kenya. These offers will apply between 6am and 6pm on Tuesday, 8 August 2017. Teaming up with IEBC and the United Disabled Persons of Kenya(UDPK), Uber will provide a special code with two free rides to and from polling stations for all PLWD voters registered with IEBC in Nairobi, Thika and Mombasa. The company will also give all riders a discount on voting day.  The offer will give each rider KES 200 off for one trip to a polling station and KES 200 off for one trip from the polling station. All new and existing Uber riders will be required to request an Uber ride, go to the promotions tab in the app enter the promo code VOTEKE2017 in the app’s promotion […]

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]]>0Erick Vatetahttp://kenyanstory.com%20http://kenyanstory.com/?p=26752017-08-01T20:08:44Z2017-08-01T20:02:21ZIn a move to make things easier for businesses in the country, Safaricom has released a feature-rich M-PESA Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) portal. The portal is named Daraja and it will enable businesses to easily integrate with M-PESA drastically cutting down the more than 60 days it took businesses to link to M-PESA. Through Daraja, businesses can now seamlessly integrate both Lipa Na M-PESA BuyGoods and PayBill cashless payments into mobile phone applications, websites, point of sale terminals and other business solutions. As a result, businesses across the country will be in a better position to take advantage of the growing e-commerce trend. “M-PESA provides a unique platform that enables thousands of businesses to leverage its capabilities to drive their growth. The simplified onboarding process will enable both small and large businesses to integrate to M-PESA as a payment platform for their businesses with ease,” said Bob Collymore, CEO Safaricom. Developers looking to integrate and create new innovations around M-PESA will similarly enjoy a more streamlined process, including the ability to easily plug to M-PESA using friendly programming languages. The Daraja portal will enable developers to self-manage and access the APIs, as well as to test their code before fully deploying […]

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