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I wanted to laugh out loud when I heard that old people are rocking in diapers. It’s kind of weird to hear an adult putting on a diaper but to some extent those things are fantastic. In the Boss Baby – an animation movie which has won a good number of awards – the main character clearly stated that diapers are won by astronauts, pilots, soldiers, doctors, patients and the old people. These are grown ups who see the world from a different perspective and they don’t the comfort of accessing the washroom or rather the bush all the time.

In hospitals, adult diapers are accepted and it’s a style that most doctors prescribe to because people who suffer from diarrhea, dementia, incontinence or mobility impairment don’t have the freedom to walk long distances just to access a toilet. Most of them help themselves on the bed and the adult diapers always come in-handy in such situations.

Who can rock the diapers?

Anybody can put on the diapers since they are fancy, comfortable and they reduce embarrassment. According to Marvel Five, a renown company that produces adult diapers; Comfrey Adult diapers are designed for people of all ages who find it difficult to control their bowel movements and hence have difficulties in controlling passing urine or having a long call – be it due to sicknesses, accidents, disabilities, age catching up with us or some other reason.

People who don’t have the ability to effectively control their bladder are encouraged to use the adult diaper. For instance if you are traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa and your bladder cannot be controlled, it’s advisable to use the product instead of distracting the driver every minute you sip a soda, right?

The manufacturers have also considered the gender factor and they have designed and produced adult diapers for both men or women that can be rocked as underpants with varying capacities and sizes as drip collectors, pads, underwear absorbent agents meeting their frequent-changing needs to make them comfortable in use. There are also specialty diapers for swimming or pool therapy, for astronauts or pilots on long flights, long distance drivers or guards or those in the military so that they don’t have to stop for short calls. Diapers may also be worn by infantilists and diaper fetishists for comfort, sexual gratification, to be stylish, or for emotional reasons or when access to a toilet is unavailable.

Fashion sense

Well, it’s almost impossible to spot an adult in the streets of Nairobi wearing a diaper or one who publicly declares to be a diaper kind of guy because of the stigma.  International fashion powerhouses like Huggies are now keeping adult bottoms dry. And they have gone mainstream just to pitch and advertise the brands because adult incontinence is a huge market that’s not supposed to be left in the dark.

Back home, Marvel Five; the manufacturers of Comfrey Adult Diapers aim to make the product more normal and even fun to wear and they hope for a future where people can walk in the streets and say, ‘Dude! I have a leaking bladder, and it’s not a big deal at all.’

The local producers have fastening tapes for stickiness for both males or females. The diapers come in different waist sizes and are available online and in most supermarkets in Kenya.

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