Get a KES 50 ride to Tusker Oktobafest2019

How to book the ride

  • You need a smartphone
  • Download SWVL app from Appstore for iPhone users and Playstore for Android users
  • Install the app
  • To book, choose your preferred pick-up point followed your drop-off point then time
  • A map will come up
  • Then you’ll see the amount to be paid
  • Confirm by tapping on “Book”

SWVL has announced a partnership with Tusker Oktobafest2019 which will see the shuttle-hailing firm be the official transporter for party-goers at the festival. SWVL shall be offering discounted rides to the event, all at KES 50.

Speaking during the press conference, Shivachi Muleji, SWVL’s General Manager for Kenya, said that SWVL is looking to be a solution for Kenyans beyond their daily commute to work. “We are developing a product for Kenyans that is not only seen as a solution for your daily commute to work, but is also seen as your go to option for riding to local festivals,” said Mr. Muleji. “We want to be able to afford party-goers the same comfort, reliability and convenience that our users have come to expect from us,” he added.

The Tusker Oktobafest festival is looking to bring the experience of the world-famous Oktoberfest, which originated in Germany’s region of Bavaria and is celebrated yearly between the last half of September and the first weekend of October.

The festival is also looking to piggyback on the beer culture that Kenya has grown, with Kenya having several high-quality beers that are gaining popularity beyond Kenya’s borders. This coupled with the new found love for festivals is changing the entertainment scene and incorporating new innovations like SWVL to create a wholesome experience.

“The way we are doing things in Kenya is now changing. From the growing popularity of festivals to the disruption being created by the plethora of apps creating a new way of life for the Kenyan people, life as we know it is being made easier and more fun by the day. That is why we are happy to be in this partnership because we are constantly looking to be a cog in making life easier for Kenyans. That is why SWVL is constantly innovating to provide the most concrete solution to the desires of commuters”, Mr. Muleji added.

SWVL has previously partnered with Koroga festival to offer discounted rides and seamless movement in and out of Tatu City, where the 26th edition of the event was held. These partnerships are also looking to promote the initiative of not drinking and driving to enhance safety on our roads.

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