There’s too much inspiration on the streets of Nairobi. The teenagers set the agenda when it comes to fashion because they have been exposed to international styles and some of them come up with their own unique designs. This is a pictorial story of the latest street fashion in Nairobi. I have also included street photography tips at the end.

Thank you to all the models who posed for us…you guys rock. 

Camera: Nikon d7100 and d3300 – Lenses: 85mm and 35mm 1.8 – Natural light

street fashion in Nairobi

street fashion in Nairobi

street fashion in Nairobi


Street photography tips

Street photography on the streets of Nairobi is not easy because the police and city askaris are always on the lookout for filmmakers and photographers. So this one factor that you should consider before shooting on the streets of Nairobi.

  • Avoid government buildings and banks
  • Get a press card
  • Use Kenyatta Avenue and Loita street
  • Have an assistant
  • Don’t use a zoom lens. Get a wide angle prime. (35mm, 24mm, 20mm etc)
  • Get close to your model
  • Always carry your camera
  • Be friendly. Smile all the time
  • Ask for permission
  • Share a story
  • Have many watchmen friends


Street fashion in Nairobi

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