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Walking in town I’m sure you have witnessed a huge increase in women with natural hair. The afros and dreadlocks are taking over. Hell there is even a naturalist on Nairobi diaries, that means the revolution is already on. Me being a member of the movement love, love love how I look. Always been against being artificial, I keep my make up on the lower side, do my pedicure and manicure once in a while. I like how God created me really, an brown African child.

It didn’t start from the get go however, I remember the first time I went natural, I had really long hair, long beautiful hair I should add. In my first year of campus, I cut it to shoulder length. Always been very experiential with my hair so tried an array of colored braids. Had blonde, red, maroon in some different and bizarre designs. It got boring in a minute, right about that time Cassie cut her hair in a way that revolutionized hair beauty. So I shaved my sides, left hair in the middle, a maw-hawk of sorts. My hair grows really fast so it didn’t look like a maw-hawk long so had to go straight to the barbers’. This time I had to undergo the cut, my hair has never been that short, I was horrified. I had a punk cut, my head was colddddd.

That hairdo made me super uncomfortable, so I decided to dye my hair. Colored it brown, which looked good because it went with my complexion. Was still super uncomfortable because there is nothing to cover your face you know. I was insecure on so many levels so I discovered the head wrap. Don’t let anyone kid you, anyone’s road to discovering the head wrap was started by a bad hair day.

My hair was covered until it grew enough for me to plait it. And it grew. Within no time I was back to the braids, my hair however is a rebel on its own. As I had said before, it grows rather fast so within a week, my braids were already undone and had to start budgeting for another. Got a job within this time that required me to have black braids on, totally messed my hair’s flexibility.

Immediately, the contract was over, I dyed my hair blonde. My hair was long and now blonde. I used the wrong dye, went for these cheap ones, made my hair really hard but my mission was accomplished. My naturalism road had began. God I loved that hair. It was a straight up afro and in blonde. It looked crazy good. Time though, my hair kept growing till it reached a point it was hard and blonde on the tips and black and soft at the bottom. Still looked good but my hair was shedding like no ones business.

In a bid to save my hair I discovered crotchet braids. These were perfect. I could have them on for as long as I wanted to, they wouldn’t show. If my hair got undone, it was just hidden inside there. Had these on for quite some time, just changing the braids every now and then. The style however had to go because of how much my scalp itched. The smell, you can’t wash the braids and expect them to dry and stay the same or look the same. If you had a work out, the stench just remained. That dirt was too much to be hidden. It made me super uncomfortable.

This day, I had some curly things on, don’t even remember what their name was, they made me look really good. They were full on my head and fluffy, the kind that I hoped my afro would look some time in the future. I woke up one day though, I was just feeling fake, I stool in front of the mirror and I started cutting. I cut it, undid the lines underneath, my hair was now full on black, a few tips still brown but it was crazy long and had been under a lot of heat from blow-drying so it still had that softness. I started cutting it too. Reached some point and stopped, went on pinterest and searched styles for short hair, identified one went to the Barber and told him, I want this. Six months into it, I’ve altered it every once in a while but I really love this hair. It’s freeing, it’s clean, it’s easy to maintain and it makes me look good.

That is what being a naturalist does to you. It gives you freedom to be yourself without having to cover a part of you. That is the one and the only reason its becoming very popular. Ladies no longer want to be tied down to this modern views of beauty, they can be whoever they want to be without having a peacock or some other dead animal’s tail on their heads.

The Naturalist Movement.

Photo by Kenyan Story

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