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Tanzanian music as we know it is. Hold up, that statement needs a proper introduction, you remember the days when bongo music used to be the ish? then something happened two artists started dominating and the rest of the industry was buried as a result? If you don’t live under a rock, you must see that there has been a drastic change in the industry as a whole. An emergence of new artists a new sound and new culture being sold to the world and I have to say I’m buying the kinda vybe they are selling.

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Let’s now go through the history, you remember the days with hits like wajua nakupenda by Queen Darleen, speaking of Queen Darleen you seen how she looks right now?? the chica has transformed whaaat?! she looks super hot, I don’t even know if I can insist that enough. Saw her the other day on her new hit single Kijuso and I couldn’t believe it was her that I was seeing. She has the whole artist package. That just  piece of the cake, female emcees from Tanzania are giving our female artists a run for their money. From Vanessa Mdee, Ruby, Linah, Lady Jay Dee and Shaa, who has grown right before our eyes, you might remember her from the coca cola  pop stars wakilisha group, yes, she is the one, its dawning on you now aye? These girls have brought sexy back on our screens, well, the feminist I am doesn’t really allow me to say that so I’m gonna put it the most appropriate way, they have brought back talent, soul, beautiful music with just a touch of sex appeal.

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Still taking a walk down history, old timers like Mr Blue, Mwana FA, Chege making beautiful music with a very modern touch. Their music journey is really mind blowing. From baggy trousers and really weird looking, well “kawaida looking jamaaz” to now guys that look like stars and sound way better. The dominating artists still being Ali Kiba and Diamond, you have to admit have put in the amount of work that needs to be put in  for them to achieve the celebrity status they have now, and we celebrate them.

Personally, what I love about Tanzanian music is that their music is relate-able given that their lyrics have meaning. Their song writing skills are top notch, deep and highlight what happens daily in society ensuring its longevity. That comparing to Kenyan Music, we have a long way to go. Honestly our lyrical game is laughable if not embarrassing. A song is only a hit at the time it has some buzz but after that nobody even remembers it, whereas in Tanzanian music, I know the lyrics to binti kiziwi or kidato kimoja or bembeleza still linger somewhere in our minds and are still very relevant despite how archaic they appear.

New school artists like Joe Makini, Navy Kenzo, Harmonize, Rich Mavoko, Yamoto Band and Darassa are a force to recon with. Their numbers on YouTube for one show how big their music is now and we all know numbers don’t lie. International collaborations with the likes of  Romeo and Neyo have expanded their breach such that their industry is not small anymore. I came across a new school hip hop female artist by the name of Rosa Ree. Her song one time is like hip hop 101, that girl has got it on lock down, her look, her sound, you name it. She makes our female hip hop artists sound like they need schooling.

Source: Mlumbaz blog

Now, on to something most Kenyans are in agreement we suck at, their gospel Music industry is correct with emphasis on each letter on that word. It takes you to another place spiritually, which is actually the sole purpose of gospel music. The artists, the likes of Christina Shusho pass God’s message in a way that cuts across generations. They make good music that has massive airplay because of the sole reason that it glorifies God in the way that is right.

Their videos have brought their music to another level of professionalism with the likes of Hanscana delivering mind blowing videos.. They are very well done, from the locations to the lighting , the angles and most importantly their concepts. Their music has always been good, though it went unnoticed for a while, whoever is handling it now is doing a darn good job. It is very evident that music in Tanzania means serious business.


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