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Early Friday morning, in a jav, cold – it was a very cold morning. My mind however, warm as it can be, I was on my way to Pals Spa on Ngong road for an experience like no other. For one, I had never gotten a full body massage and I had a very strenuous week; carrying a laptop on my back and other things. They couldn’t have chosen a better time? My body was excited that at least it would get the much deserved treat it was craving for.

I am a very staunch time keeper, I believe everybody has stuff to do so if the time is set at 10a.m I would be there by latest 9:45 a.m. That will allow me to settle in the space, familiarize myself with what I’m supposed to be doing such that at 10 a.m – we start. Pulled a “white mans’ thing” since every body else seemed to stick to their African timers mentality. Stereotypes, I hate stereotypes but we live in a world where if you break a stereotype you are the odd one out. Somebody once threw a stereotype at me with regards to littering, he did not have a good day, at least I made sure of it. In this case though, it was just me and all other people.

The experience was to start at 10a.m, it started a long two hours after. It didn’t help my anticipation because at this point I had started reaching my levels of pisstosity. Started with the manicure, which I have to say, I wasn’t very excited about reason being, I have terrible nails. My body just fights my attempts to look glamorous in a non-natural way. Every time I apply nail polish it doesn’t stay beautiful for any longer than two days, I thereby resorted to not applying nail polish all together.


I remember telling the lady attending to my nails my fears with regards to the behavior of my nails and she was like, ” don’t worry, we’ll apply gel.” I did not like that one bit, my perception of gel was those horrendous long plastic nails I see girls wearing that make me assume they do nothing at home. Not to mention how fake they look, yes, I know, is there a term for fear of fakeness? If yes, I hereby diagnose myself with it.

She engaged me throughout the whole experience, I think my curiosity wouldn’t have allowed her not to, question after question, what is that? what is it for? what’s the purpose of what you’re doing now? I was having a field day, everything sounded foreign to me but she gave it such a homey feel. Excellent customer service.

Throughout the whole experience I couldn’t wait to see how my nails looked, minutes later, I had beautiful nude colored nails, happy satisfied client. I chose nude because of my phobia, since it almost looks like my skin color it wouldn’t look that bad when it starts to run. Days later I can confirm, my nails look as good as they looked on Friday.

Off to get a pedicure, I sat on the chair and felt this pressure on my back. Sprung up, thought there was a reset in its setting. It had  some ball looking like things moving in circular motion. A massage chair, I was told, is its name. This means its designed to massage you while you sit, genius right? It felt heavenly! I kid you not, it was the most beautiful feeling I’ve had in a very long time.

The process involved trimming my nails, washing, soaking them in warm water, removal of dead skin, a foot scrub and finally the application of polish. I don’t have that much inhibitions with regards to my toe nails, they are better behaved. What I dreaded most however was removal of dead skin using a foot file. My feet are very ticklish and the tool used looks like a grater, so it sorta like grates your feet. Had the hardest time maintaining a straight face and stature while taking it, I was crazy happy when it was done. Chose the color orange, I wanted that screaming effect, my toes are used to dull colors, blue or black, a change was necessary and I loved it.

Next up was a facial. Didn’t really get the facial because the product needed a bit more time. They were to test the skin’s ability to take the product before beginning the process and that required some time. It was almost four, and I was really hungry. I see what your thinking, in my defense, there is a reason Jesus fed the multitude before continuing with his sermon, and He is the son of God. Let is sink in.

My face looked pale that day, I was freezing, my lips had turn dark, I remember looking at the mirror thinking I look sick. This was before the make up. Malika, the make-up artist, she is such a sweetheart. I remember asking her, so what are we going to do to me, she said, “just make you look beautiful and as natural as possible.

I believe make-up is meant to enhance your beauty, not make you look like you have a face on your face. In the world of make-up, less is always more.” I loved her already. The process took less than 20 minutes and I looked like me, only more beautiful. Step by step, it was a learning experience, I do my own make-up at home so I kept asking for pointers. She took me through the process and the necessities of the same, I have to add, nothing beats the ability of a lady to do her own make-up and the end result looking like a pro worked on her. Well, maybe that’s exaggerated but I’ll tell you this, the satisfaction is immense and quite intense.

The experience was beautiful, informative and very relaxing. Met my expectations 7/10 and that score is because I didn’t experience two more things i.e the facial and body massage. It is definitely a go-to place for all your glam and relaxation requirements.

My experience courtesy of Pals Spa, at Greenhouse Mall, Ngong Road.



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