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Winter is here! Been dying to use that in a statement. Time to start layering cloths in a bid to keep warm, keep staring out the window to confirm whether the clouds have started gathering or to watch human behavioral patterns in Nairobi that may insinuate it has started raining, watching our time to avoid the infamous matatu fare hikes and last but not least, the best of all, to marvel at the white walkers. Game of Thrones fans already know who am talking about. Closer to home, there is always that one person, often a lady, dressed in a short dress while the rest are freezing. She has this walk that makes her look like a zombie, hilarious.

In a bid to avoid looking like the latter, there in need for a few pointers on how to dress and what to wear.


They are a complete necessity because they add that extra layer of warmth. I know, you’d rather carry your duvet to work but think of how cumbersome that would be. Man’s creation, the coat is like a duvet but now, comes in different colors, and size and design. Cool huh? Moreover, you can layer it with a sweater, and whatever your main wear for the day is. Make sure though it blends with the main outfit.

2. Scarfs

Still on carrying your duvet to work, the scarf does wonders in keeping your neck and ears warm. In my experience, during  cold weather, my ears and chest suffers more. A scarf therefore goes a long way in ensuring the warmth of the latter.

3. Boots

They are a necessity in this cold weather the most important reason being the rains associated with this weather. Boots help keep your feet warm and avoid contact between your feet and the water or mud, depending on where you live. To add on to that, they come in different designs, that can be worn differently, depending on your outfit.

4. Socks

A pair of woolen socks is gold, these can be worn with the boots, and at home. They also keep your feet warm while absorbing the sweat that may build up while wearing the boots. two in one, they keep your feet dry and warm.

5. Umbrella

There is need to invest in a good quality umbrella because this weather comes with unpredictable rain. Nothing is worse than being rained on and feeling cold at the same time, honestly, pick one struggle. There’s this day I left my umbrella at home, thought the day looked bright in the morning, until a heavy out pour came down at 6. Have you ever been rained on so much, got you so confused that you decided to buy coffee instead of an umbrella? No, keep it that way, trust me.


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