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That feeling when your brain starts mourning in the morning. The brain takes control of everything and starts confessing stuff…silently.

You wish to wake up to a successful bright day filled with joy that crawls up your head. You start praying and thanking the creator for the gift of life because you ain’t dead – yet. Later, the phone starts buzzing. The noise becomes unbearable then you start kicking everything with your feet, the duvet becomes heavy and stuffy. “I wish I had a wifey, this thing would be smelly. A fruit kind of smell that cleanses the soul.” Thoughts run through your head.

You struggle to view the bright smartphone screen – your eye hurts from the feel. You reduce the brightness to zero in order to see the number with many zeros. Then you start seeing many numbers with no specific number of zeros. The confusion hits the roof and becomes the hero – that shit can fly!?

You pull the curtain hard and let it fly on the floor. You can’t see shit on the display, your brain is like an empty hall. It can only interpret sound and smell. The smartphone’s display has a huge crack. “Where did the crack come from!?” The thoughts rush in again…”I’m I insane or it’s just a sleep walk.”

Your leg knocks a bottle of viceroy. Some of it pour on the floor. More thoughts start flushing in, but later leave you in suspense.

You take a glass of water with the hope of clearing your head and bring some sane back. You hold your phone again and the first thing that hit your eye is the hugely placed timer widget. The thing reads 10.00AM. You check the calendar and realize it’s a Wednesday morning. Your brain crushes after seeing 20 missed calls from your boss and 10 from her secretary.

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