http://kenyanstory.comKenyan Story Thu, 22 Jun 2017 19:14:57 +0000en-UShourly1https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8https://i2.wp.com/kenyanstory.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/cropped-BLOG-1.png?fit=32%2C32http://kenyanstory.com3232120246040Mr. Politician! All eyes are on youhttp://kenyanstory.com/mr-politician-all-eyes-are-on-you/http://kenyanstory.com/mr-politician-all-eyes-are-on-you/#respondWed, 17 May 2017 17:05:22 +0000http://kenyanstory.com/?p=1978With red eyes, tattered clothes, toned shoes and brown handkerchief sliding allover their faces – they stood with their forehead skin folded as if they were sweat bumps. Their eyes straining from the sun’s rays. They just stood there waiting. The old mothers could be seen on the edges holding their cheeks and others seated on the shuka. The ones with kids were busy unwrapping sweets and biscuits to stop the crying babies from distorting the voice from the podium. The few guys at the front clapped at every sound that echoed from the podium. The guys in black suits with their unsettled eyes moving left to right as if they were paid compass. Their concentration was off, their sense of fashion was thrown in the ditch, their respect for the weather was at its worst. The hot sun was at its best. But they continued clapping. The field was silent and a single voice could be heard from the high-tech sound systems. The systems were a clear sign that the system was very rich, and the guys doing the casting were cursing their digestive systems that ironically communicated without any hesitation. Well, everybody was on a mission. And not […]

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]]>http://kenyanstory.com/mr-politician-all-eyes-are-on-you/feed/01978Roses and thorns – poetryhttp://kenyanstory.com/roses-and-thorns/http://kenyanstory.com/roses-and-thorns/#respondFri, 20 Jan 2017 08:45:01 +0000http://kenyanstory.com/?p=933She might love him Adore him maybe She knows this, The voices in her head Assuring her that nobody has ever made her feel the way he does. His touch Gives her this longing Making her want to have him over and over Him inside her, stretching her out His kiss, gentle yet feisty He owns her, Controls her even She hates to think of it that way But the universe constantly reminds her That she is nothing without him Or so she thinks, He is the only one she wants people to know about when they talk about anything really He must do the same, thats what people in love do A heartbreaking lie she tells herself to fall asleep And she knows he knows She’d love to change him, though she never thought she would somebody she loves. Sometimes, She’d want to make him, fear losing her, guard her fiercely be a bit insecure She’d want for him to think of her as much as she does Want her as much as she does him. So she sits there and thinks She thinks of how heavenly his scent is, heavenly coz it elevates her, takes her to a […]

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]]>http://kenyanstory.com/roses-and-thorns/feed/0933Morning confusion – poetic storyhttp://kenyanstory.com/morning-confusion-poetic-story/http://kenyanstory.com/morning-confusion-poetic-story/#respondWed, 18 Jan 2017 11:22:38 +0000http://kenyanstory.com/?p=874That feeling when your brain starts mourning in the morning. The brain takes control of everything and starts confessing stuff…silently. You wish to wake up to a successful bright day filled with joy that crawls up your head. You start praying and thanking the creator for the gift of life because you ain’t dead – yet. Later, the phone starts buzzing. The noise becomes unbearable then you start kicking everything with your feet, the duvet becomes heavy and stuffy. “I wish I had a wifey, this thing would be smelly. A fruit kind of smell that cleanses the soul.” Thoughts run through your head. You struggle to view the bright smartphone screen – your eye hurts from the feel. You reduce the brightness to zero in order to see the number with many zeros. Then you start seeing many numbers with no specific number of zeros. The confusion hits the roof and becomes the hero – that shit can fly!? You pull the curtain hard and let it fly on the floor. You can’t see shit on the display, your brain is like an empty hall. It can only interpret sound and smell. The smartphone’s display has a huge crack. […]

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]]>http://kenyanstory.com/morning-confusion-poetic-story/feed/0874A bachelor’s ideal Saturday evening – A Kenyan Bachelor narrative poetryhttp://kenyanstory.com/a-bachelors-ideal-saturday-evening-a-kenyan-bachelor-narrative-poetry/http://kenyanstory.com/a-bachelors-ideal-saturday-evening-a-kenyan-bachelor-narrative-poetry/#respondThu, 08 Dec 2016 12:58:06 +0000http://kenyanstory.com/?p=759So, it started as a slow Saturday evening; cloudy, moody sunrise coming through the dirty window creating a warm and cold feeling at the same time – very un-magical feeling. Then out of nowhere, stress kicks in. A pile of clothes is waiting on the sofa, the electricity token thing is at 1.1, the tiles have turned brown instead of sticking to their original white color…I hate those things, they never get clean. I started visiting every room in the house – sorry every corner of my bedsitter. Took my camera and captured some pictures of the fixtures on the wall. I thought photography would get a trophy for winning over the creeping boredom. Nothing! I switched on the TV at least to view those who are destined for stardom. But GoTv doesn’t have channels that have the latest series and movies, you know? I selected KTN, a condom advert was running. The one where a mjengo guy turns out to be a DJ and a nerd dressed like a puppet becomes a good dancer and gets the girl – who comes up with these stuff? I liked the one a condom is put on a banana – at least […]

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]]>http://kenyanstory.com/a-bachelors-ideal-saturday-evening-a-kenyan-bachelor-narrative-poetry/feed/0759Where is he?http://kenyanstory.com/where-is-he/http://kenyanstory.com/where-is-he/#respondFri, 20 May 2016 19:19:18 +0000http://vateta.com/?p=56she was in the house alone… she left her office early to come home…unsettled she moved up and down… throwing the remote up and down…her mind was busy with questions running up and down… “where is he?” “is he walking up and down with a lady or playing up and down on the ground with some lady?” her mind seemed idle but her heart was her idol… she loved him so she lit a candle… she watched the light sway side by side thinking of the cuddle… she thought,”food must be warm”…she held the pot with the handle… the food is still warm but where is he? she though of starting without him but couldn’t because she loved him… to pass time she decided to hum some hymns impatience grew up and emotions started boiling up “when is he going to grow up…it’s late and he hasn’t turned up if it’s a dream I need to wake up…being alone makes me tensed up… if he continues like this we are going to break up…” she thought her makeup came off…her sexy dress became irrelevant… she wanted to sleep off but she couldn’t many questions ran through her mind without answers […]

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