http://kenyanstory.comKenyan Story Thu, 18 May 2017 17:16:23 +0000en-UShourly1 of the Glenmorangie Golf Tournament, 18 May 2017 15:34:11 +0000 was excitement galore as the winners of the Glenmorangie Golf Tournament played at Muthaiga Golf Club were awarded with various prizes for their exemplary performance. This is part of a series of tournaments sponsored by Glenmorangie that seeks to celebrate and take inspiration from the huge talent among the Kenyan golfers as well as appreciating Glenmorangie’s unique heritage. As one of the leading brand within the Single Malt category, Glenmorangie is using the golf tournaments to enable its consumers have a great taste of the brand.

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]]> Jack Daniel’s brand ambassador in Kenya, 18 May 2017 09:33:16 +0000 of popular whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s have launched a campaign in search of a brand ambassador in Kenya.   The campaign dubbed ‘Gentlemen Wanted’, targets Kenyans above 21, who exude boldness, charisma and are sociable, which is in line with the attributes of the brand.    Speaking during the launch, Jack Daniels’ Kenya Brand Manager Zara Kuria gave an overview of the campaign. “Our aim is to identify a person who will embody the spirit of the brand and its values of authenticity, independence and integrity, to represent the Jack Daniel’s Family of Brands and share knowledge and experiences with the local audience in a personal and engaging way. This search provides a great platform for individuals looking to grow personally, share great experiences and represent one of the leading American whiskey brands globally right here in Kenya”.    Those interested in applying for the role have until the end of May to log in to the Jack Daniel’s Kenya Facebook page and fill in an application form. Successful applicants will be reviewed by a panel of judges, including local thought leaders, who will pick three finalists. The public will thereafter vote for the finalist they believe should represent […]

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]]> launches the 5th edition of the Safaricom Athletics Series, 17 May 2017 14:27:16 +0000 launches the 5th edition of the Safaricom Athletics Series. The series is now in its fifth year and will be given a KSh.65 million sponsorship, an amount that includes direct cash sponsorship as well as marketing, event support and merchandise. Speaking during the launch Safaricom Director for Regional Sales and Operations Steve Okeyo said the return of the Series signified the company’s continued commitment to supporting the identification and nurturing of sporting talent across the country. “We have seen the powerful role that sports plays in uniting Kenyans, uplifting families and creating careers. Many of the current generation of athletics stars have participated in the Safaricom Athletics Series, with the likes of Conseslus Kipruto and Nicholas Bett actually catapulting their careers through this event and going on to represent Kenya at the 2016 Olympics,” said Mr. Okeyo. Safaricom will also sponsor the IAAF World Under 18 Championships trials taking place in Nairobi from 12th – 16th July. Though not included in the Athletics Series, the sponsorship will feed into its efforts by providing financial support in line with Safaricom’s continued investment in sports in Kenya. “Our sponsorship of the IAAF World Under 18 Championships is testament to our belief […]

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]]> you need to watch out for Neophobia., 13 May 2017 08:48:55 +0000 is a film that tells the story of a young African woman who is obsessed with her old routine and is unwilling to learn new things. As the word is in itself, the fear of new things. The film therefore takes us through the process of  rediscovering self and placing our old selves in modernity. Neophobia is the only African(Kenyan) film showing in the 70th Cannes film festival this year. It is screening from the 24th-28th May 2017. The production team consists of twelve members who are; Mark Maina, the director, writer, editor and producer. He is an award winning Kenyan film director, screen writer and editor making his directorial debut in with Too late in 2013.His film Consigned to oblivion in 2014 got him international recognition through film festivals such as Kalasha International Film Festival 2015, Riverwood Ensemble 2015, Arusha African Film Festival, Out of Africa film festival among others. In 2015, he wrote and directed Home, a short film about an unemployed young writer suffering from writers block as he searched for inspiration to write his new novel. This was nominated for best short film at the Machakos film festival. He wrote, directed and produced Neophobia in […]

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]]> Review: Mbozi Za Malwa., 11 May 2017 18:49:33 +0000 very own trophy boys at it again with a brand new tune. Sauti Sol`s recent collaboration with Bebe Cool has brought forth a super African tune with the title Mbozi za Malwa. A guaranteed club banger in the Luganda language, very few English words to of course speak and reach all markets. The video is colorful as it is simple, there is no show of fancy cars and almost half naked white girls or even the venue but it is very well done. (A Sasha Vybes Production) The location and camera person, the whole production team was very thorough which brings me to the question, anyone knows who the stylist was? I’m going to need that number ASAP! Like I said, most of the lyric of the song sound gibberish to me but I love the song. It’s my favorite right now. Bien’s introduction, “I see you came to party” followed by Bebe Cool’s husky voice and the beat is just an invite to the dance floor. To burst out in that Baganda dance we all are familiar with, that spirit is carried through the whole song. One artist after the other, voice after the other, variations in the […]

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]]> Ground. Mafisette Edition., 11 May 2017 16:51:59 +0000 was a normal day, a normal meeting for my girl and I, the destination, town. Round and round, well more of straight to the point business matters really, that always takes the priority and we are very categorical when we talk matters money. Our skin being our biggest motivation. Ever noticed how clear someones skin looks after they start making money? Most people think, well say it has been bleached but far from it. Whats happening in your body usually shows on your skin, good food well improved diet, adequate water, less stress, your skin just heals and mends itself so…if you ask me what is your biggest motivation to work hard, my answer will always be my skin. Went a wee bit away from the point, back to it, after the chit chat, we start heading home. We all live in different area codes so our matatu stages are also different in that we often go to the opposite sides of town. The walk to  archives is usually purposeful until we reach that triangular place between Galittos and the seats stretching out to Kencom, that space between the two roads, we come to a complete halt and suddenly […]

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]]> you ready for the Tusker party? The us in Tusker is coming to a town near you, 05 May 2017 10:14:52 +0000 is celebrating Kenyans extra ordinary moments of fun and party through their favorite drink Tusker Lager. The campaign dubbed “the us in Tusker” seeks to engage with Kenyan from all walks of life through music, arts, fashion, food and industry. The campaign also seeks to bring families, friends and communities together as ordinary Kenyans living extra ordinary lives through the strength and support of one another. Through staging parties across the country Tusker will engage its fans in espousing national cohesion and celebrating our unique diversity in all areas of our lives. Recently Tusker took the party to  Beach Hotel Riverside in Kitui County.

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]]> remaining rhino is looking for love on Tinder, 25 Apr 2017 14:06:20 +0000 last remaining Rhino called Sudan is looking for love on Tinder. Ol Pejeta Conservancy partners with Tinder to launch a new campaign to raise awareness about ‘The Most Eligible Bachelor in the World’ . Sudan is the only remaining male northern white rhino in the world. The campaign aims to raise the $9 million needed to protect the northern white rhino from extinction. Sudan is not only The Most Eligible Bachelor, but he is also one of the most protected males on the planet, surrounded by armed guards. Sudan lives his bachelor life at Ol Pejeta Conservancy with his two female northern white rhino counterparts, Najin and Fatu. They have been unable to breed naturally due to a range of issues including old age. However, there are 17,000 other potential female southern white rhino suitors. “The plight that currently faces the northern white rhinos is a signal to the impact that humankind is having on many thousands of other species across the planet. Ultimately, the aim will be to reintroduce a viable population of northern white rhino back into the wild which is where their true value will be realized,” Said Richard Vigne, CEO, Ol Pejeta Conservancy. Enter Tinder. […]

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]]> urged to utilise digital opportunities for economic empowerment, 25 Apr 2017 09:28:00 +0000 have been urged to utilize digital opportunities for career development and economic empowerment. The Director of the Olx Social Media Awards (SoMA), Mr. Martin Muli, said despite numerous opportunities presented by the digital revolution witnessed over the past decade some sections of the society especially women were yet to fully utilise social media to improve their lives. “The unprecedented growth of Internet as a communication channel has come with huge promises and expectations. Billed as the hallmark of technological developments in the 21st Century, the Internet has hugely impacted societies across the globe. However, there exists a huge digital gender gap owing to inequality in access to the use of information and communication technologies,” said Mr. Muli. According to a survey on digital gender gap in Kenya by World Bank GSMA Intelligence in 2016, the number of women using mobile internet in Kenya is 43% compared to 61% of men. Only 42 % women who own smartphones and apps phones use Facebook and Wechat compared to 62% men. Similarly, only 51% of them are technically literate compared to 63% of men. Mr. Muli who gave an update on the ongoing nominations for the Olx Social Media Awards disclosed that […]

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]]> Network outage update, 24 Apr 2017 09:46:24 +0000“We wish to notify the public that starting from 9:30 am today, we experienced a system outage affecting a number of core services in our network. This outage affected Voice, Data, SMS, M-PESA and Enterprise services. We have identified the root cause of the outage and are working to resolve this in the shortest time possible. In the meantime, Voice, Data, SMS, M-PESA and Enterprise services will be available intermittently until the issue is fully resolved. We will continue to update customers on the progress to restore services. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.” Bob Collymore Safaricom Chief Executive Officer wrote.

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