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Comedies to watch on ShowMax

A friend of mine told me that he can’t pay cash to watch a movie, but he can spend KSh500 on bundles to catch his favorite shows on 123Movies. That’s madness. The free platform doesn’t even have high quality movies – the latest copies are camera recorded which makes it even harder to understand a word in a movie. To add on that, Churchill Show and Vitimbi are not on the platform and 500 is way too much for my phone. FYI, I’m not a hater of the free platforms since some of my tongue bursting shows are in there. But hey, ShowMax wins in terms of content. They have the latest and some of the funniest shows on TV right now and in this cold season, we are ShowMaxing the whole day because they have the best cold medicine.

These are the top 4 funniest comedies to watch on ShowMax:

Churchill Show 

comedies to watch on ShowMax

Churchill Show is the best comedy show in the +254. With Churchill playing the host, nothing can go wrong. He has these funny Kenyan stories that everybody can relate to. And on ShowMax, you can catch his funniest segments from Season 1 Episode 1 with a popcorn on the table…if that’s your thing though. Truth be told, the first seasons of Churchill Show were the best. The days when Chipukeezy was trying to prove a fact using Kimondios stories and Paul Oguttu used to chuck the best lines from Kisii. Not forgetting Eric Omondi with some of the best jokes. Catch Churchill Show on ShowMax today and your days won’t be the same.

The Office 

comedies to watch on ShowMax

The corporate world has some of the wittiest buzzwords that can make a lay man look like a fool. Well, lay men are always treated like fools in most places – even in hospitals. The Office has some of the best office scenarios that are breathtaking. How can can you work with a stupid boss for seven years? Or work with someone who belittles your name for more that two years? The show features Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson and it’s created by Ricky Gervais.


Have you ever been to Kinoo? That place has all kinds of craziness that create sanity to the people of Kinoo. So this lady married a fundi with a clouded perception that Fundis make a lot of money everyday, which is true though because my plumber makes more than KSh1000 everyday and buys the best electronics for his house. Although, the Fundis in Fundimentals are the direct opposite. This Fundi has a plumbing career but doesn’t have peace in his house and he keeps on inventing stuff that don’t work. The wife is always on his case…catch it on ShowMax.

Brooklyn Nine-nine 

comedies to watch on ShowMax

This comedy series is old but it has its comical charm that will glue your eyes on TV the whole day. The US TV show features a talented but carefree New York detective who is taken aback when a strict new captain with a lot to prove takes over the running of his precinct. Andy Samberg, ‘plays the unambitious, lackadaisical Jake Peralta, who somehow manages to be the most successful detective in his squad’.


ShowMax has incredible movies and TV Shows that are very entertaining. The video on demand platform has a pocket friendly monthly subscription fee of KSh880 for the premium package and less than KSh350 for the ShowMax select. It also gives you the freedom to watch your favorite shows on the go – it’s supported by Android, iOS and other digital platforms.

Those were some of the comedies to watch on ShowMax. I will be updating my list every time I come across an interesting show.

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