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Photographers are always behind the scenes. The guys who eat behind the doors – literally behind opened doors. You wouldn’t want a client to see you having a blast with the guests or pouring the finest wine in the house and breaking glasses as if you are practicing Judaism. That’s crazy. Photographers are meant to act like structures – the tents and the music systems. When dinner is brought on the table, you act like a moving statue…the head and the camera facing all directions.

The main gate. The security at this gate is crazy but the watchmen are very friendly. We had a 10 minutes chat – i just wanted to know if they have ever encountered a serious incident…

Ha hah…that’s a crazy introduction, right? But there’s a point I’m trying to drive home. This is my first post as a travel photographer or as a documentarist since I shoot portraits in weddings, corporate events, and write tech. But that’s going to change thanks to amazing travelers I met at Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club Bloggers Experience – Scrapbook Journeys, Curly Cheeks, Neomi Nganga and Wanjira Longauer (Please click on the names to view their respective pages). And Fairmont Mount Kenya was such an awesome place to invite digital noise makers to cover the peaceful haven located at the foothills of Mount Kenya.

Neomi Nganga doing her thing on the lawn. The grass was too good..LolNeomi again

According to public perception, Fairmont is classified as a home that houses the crème in the society, well that’s true. But the place is actually a community for every Kenyan because it has everything for everybody. The warmth from the workers expresses a different level of professionalism that can only be seen in a mother’s eyes when you become number one in school. From the watchmen at the gate to the guy who ensures that your bed has the right temperature, welcomed this photographer with a friendly enthusiasm. I felt like a very important person in that Safari Club. (FYI, the beds at Fairmont have a thingy that keeps everybody warm at night. I’m sure it has a name but my naivety has clouded my mind, so just bear with me – for now).

Huh! This was my favorite building because it had a bar and the gym…

The Safari Club has the best modern and bygone amenities that cut through generations. The suites, cottages and guest rooms have a cinematic charm with different options – freebies, paid services and natural gifts like lawns. It sits on more than 100 acres of well-trimmed gardens and a state of the art facilities. The architecture and landscape makes you feel like you are in a Hollywood movie-set because everything is just incredibly structured. And the rooms have those artistic windows that allow you to view Mt. Kenya at the comfort of your bed. It’s a dreamland. A place you can take your kids and friends and spend the whole day in the room viewing Mt. Kenya.

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club architectural masterpieces

We reached Nanyuki late at night and we were still trying to grasp and adapt to the new environment – it was too damn cold. Check the full bloggers experience on Scrap Book Journeys.

Wanjira enjoying a horse ride. This and more photos are my other article dubbed Things to do at Fairmont.

The following day I left my room very early in the morning to capture the beautiful sunrise. It was a forced wake up call since I didn’t want to ditch my warm thingy that kept me warm the whole night. The beautiful moments were ringing in my mind but my body wanted to turn all over the bed and enjoy the morning cold inside the warm duvet. Anyway, I had to leave the comfort zone as fast as I could before changing my mind since the scheduled bloggers experience was to start at around 7am.

The beautiful sunrise

First of all, I had never seen such beauty face to face. Well, in movies and pictures yes, but on a personal level? No. That was a first. It’s like taking a kid to Disney land and every marvel character is around. The kid gets confused and ends up sitting down just to enjoy every moment. That was me. The confused guy holding a camera and a glass of water. Why was I drinking water in a cold morning? (Trying new things). I thought it was champagne. The bottle was too cute.

Fairmont Mount Kenya Kenya Safari ClubA closer view of the Building

The main building which has an incredible architectural look, it’s nestled in a perfect position surrounded by evocative landscape. It hosts the reception area, offices, a gym and other good stuff to suit family and friends. The sun’s rays gave it one hell of a look. On the other end, the field is carpeted with a green touch that made me doubt my eyes – I thought it was manicured by a special machine. How can a field be that green? To add on the list, the sun was rising besides Mt. Kenya. Too many things to look at and enjoy. Even the videographer who was part of the experience – was also in a dilemma…a massive one.

This was a very serious look. I was used to seeing her smile, but the beautiful lawns and the landscape caught her attentionNeomi Nganga taught how to ride a horseMarion of Curly Cheeks posing for a photoAnd she did a twirl…yaaay!We gave Marion two horses to play with and she did a good jobThen Marion went to church


The cottages, rooms and a pictorial overview

William Holden cottageFairy-tale wedding spotAnother awesome view of Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari ClubWilliam Holden cottages – named after the founder of Mount Kenya Safari Club | Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari ClubMoment with Wanjira at the William Holden cottages | Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club


Kenyan Story thanks

Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club for the facilitation

Cultured Inc

ScrapBook Journeys, Curly Cheeks, Wanjira Longauer and Neomi Nganga (You guys rock)

Photography by Kenyan Story

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