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Yesterday was listening to Kendrick day, well not the official day of course but life is just too boring to only follow that which is set. As a result, I create holidays for myself, holidays to appreciate art. In the course of listening to Kendrick I wondered aloud why in Kenya we don’t have such musicians. Artists who turn poetry into record breaking albums in terms of sale and downloads. Those that convert poetry into something that fits in mainstream media.

There can only be one Kendrick though, and as an artist, I understand the importance of originality in any given field. I also acknowledge the difficulties that may arise in trying to push a specific sound for it to achieve the Kendrick effect especially in Kenya. Among those game changers and record breakers emerges Tonny Syumah.

He is a Hip Hop artist from Huruma aka H-town.  His story is quite kawaida, developed his love for music from an early age, started free styling in school from the reception, he realized he was gifted in word play. He got into the game after he cleared his secondary school education where he recorded his debut single and went on to record collaborations with independent artists.

Now to the more serious stuff, this guy has been featured in rap battles e.g, Who Owns The Crown season 2 where he made it to the quarters before being eliminated by Ojiji and recently, he featured on Uncut TheCypher season 2 where he wowed the crowd with his lyrical and free-styling prowess.

Tonny Syumah, also his real name, is currently working under Urban Africa Media(UAM) where he got signed early this year. So far he has released two singles “Underrated” and “Good Day” which have been received by his core fans and got him new ones. He is currently working on his first major project an EP which is scheduled for release later this year.

His music is available on YouTube and Sound cloud. http://youtu.be/5cYT-BfoOGI

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