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Fellow Kenyans, let’s have a chat! What are we doing? Where did we loose it? Have we forgotten? What does this all mean? Any right minded citizen can see that the state of the nation is worrying. The elections are near, currently at the nomination stage and there is already cases of violence, misuse of power, the use of puppets, disappearances. Fellow Kenyans, what are we doing?

Not long ago, we started campaigns on social media, same old tactics, musicians composing songs, poems, preachers beginning prayers for peace, leaders starting chants and peace campaigns, ordinary Kenyans showing their participation in democracy, showing off their voters’ cards, announcing their bid to be agents of change. Precious, even beautiful but like all beautiful things, look how long that lasted. Fellow Kenyans, what is happening?

Started with the NASA nominations in Busia, not enough ballot papers, those of the MCA’s are missing, election results cancelled. Before all that, a solution was passed with regards to that, the use of normal writing paper to vote.  A very practical solution if you ask me, ordinary Kenyans, rioting. I remember one saying, “kama watoto wa nursery wanatumia laptops sisi ni nani kutumia karatasi?” translation, if nursery going kids are using laptops, who are we to use ordinary paper? I can’t help but think, how exactly does that solve your immediate problem? The result, ordinary Kenyans on the street rioting. Fellow Kenyans, have we forgotten?

Then followed the Jubilee nominations, in very few counties, the same difference really. Cases of violence and rioting characterizing these areas also. Some lacked the basic requirements for voting, some appeared to be rigged, with some ballot papers arriving while already marked. I admit that these are unacceptable election offenses. The highlight though, ordinary Kenyans again, burning, rioting, destroying property. Fellow Kenyans, what does all these mean?

When you are a victim of circumstances, you learn to change for the better should the same recur. The theory of natural selection. While the strong survived to tell the tale with scars as evidence of the same, our weak perished without a sin attached to their bodies, innocence still running in their veins. We mourned, created museums and archives, composed music and poetry, had a national day of prayer, actually a few, had days of mourning in remembrance. Our tears washed in the rain and in our sweat because life goes on after all. In our minds though, the events still lingering. Fellow Kenyans, What are we doing?

Talk of who is who and what will happen if the who isn’t other people’s preferred candidate already starting to fill the air. Political talk all over, who is doing what where? Giving out money? Out to benefit our kind? Who is running that I know? Nothing else to talk about? Ordinary Kenyans? Really? Who is doing what offense could be a start, where they are followed by what can we do about it. How is it normal to talk about who is already rigging the votes and laughing about it, while protesting an alternative free and fair voting method? How is it normal? Fellow Kenyans, what is happening?

The primary nominations witnessing the highest number of uproar and riots recorded are in the rural and semi-rural areas. Most of these people depend on their small businesses for their sustainability and that of their families. While rioting, who is tending to your crops? to your livestock, to your business? who is getting that money much needed for you? Instead of voting for the aspirants whose papers are present, you are rioting over the lack of the MCA papers and the fact that you’ve been told an alternative date will be provided. How is it okay to loose a day’s bread over an already provided solution? Fellow Kenyans, what does all these mean?

It must be something about elections, something about it that makes us appear similar to blind and deaf fools who have no memory of anything whatsoever. A message was going around on the inter-webs on the plight of the ordinary Kenyan. How we die in public hospitals due to doctor’s strikes while they get treatment abroad. How we die of hunger because we spent all our time fighting each other while they eat in prestigious hotels. How our people die while theirs watch what is happening like some screenplay. How we have scars, and wounds running skin deep while they push their own interests to access and attain power. Fellow Kenyans, have we forgotten?

I believe that message resonates with everybody. Election chaos are not selective on who they affect, the guilty and the innocent, it really is the same difference. Its about time to engage in healthy conversations matters elections, productive conversations. We did not choose the slogan ‘We Won’t Forget’ because it had a nice ring to it. We chose it because our pain teaches us of the historical injustices that were our creation and hope for a better tomorrow as a result of our choices. Fellow Kenyans, to what extents will we go to protect this?

I for one know that I am not going to loose any of my family and friends to election violence. Something that can be controlled and stopped. What about you?

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