The best july movies 2018

The best july movies 2018

Why bother going out in this cold month and you can have some good movies that can make you glued to your screen all day long .July is a very cold month and we are lucky because there are plenty of movies coming this month all you need is some warm crunchy popcorn and your TV screen. Here is every notable movie coming your way.

‘’ Shameless’’ season 8 William H Macy stars as less than upstanding father and his weird bunch of family ways. Its a beautiful conceived family in this dark comedy.

‘’ Damages’’ season 1 is an American legal thriller star by Glenn Close as a ruthless lawyer and her protégée

’A.I. Artificial Intelligence’’ Haley Joel and Frances O’ Connor star in this sci-fi drama about a robotic boy who longs to become ‘’real’’ and win the love of his human mother.

’ Ant-man and the wasp’’ Scott Lang struggles with the consequences of his choices of being both a dad and superhero, he has to learn how to fight alongside the wasp so that they can uncover their past.

‘’ Under the tree’’ When Baldwin and Inga’s next door neighbors complain that a tree in their backyard casts a shadow over their sundeck, what starts off as a typical spat between neighbors in the suburbs unexpectedly and violence spirals out of control. 

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