Night Street shoot with Rae Kiragu - Night Lights

Night Street shoot with Rae Kiragu - Night Lights

We did this shoot from around 9pm to 10:30pm in the CBD. The city was quiet with few street kids who were very curious…some of them wanted to learn the art and others were just weird. The source of light was a strobe and a soft filter which was controlled by Denji Kenya – an awesome photographer. 

Rae Kirangu, the muse for the day was terrified in the first 10 minutes. This was her first time to walk around the CBD late in the night. But she gained confidence and rocked her style. 

Camera used Nikon d7100 

Exposure range|| f2.2, ISO Speed 800, focal length 50mm, Exposure time 1\100sec

Assistant Photographer: Denji Kenya 

Stylist: Emily Oduor 

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