Retro On The Streets - Street photography in Kenya

Retro On The Streets - Street photography in Kenya

Modern fashion is revisited ideas that probably trended in the past and the fabrics that were used to make the clothes are still used to make other amazing stuff today. I tell you what, there’s no authentic creative design that doesn’t have a vintage origin…old is gold and retro is still king ama namna gani? 

Now, this post features a photography series inspired by Dollie Manja who is a prolific artist with an eye for black culture and fashion. The photography series is called retro on the streets.

Project: Retro On The Streets

Exposure range

F-stop: f\2    Exposure time: 1\100   ISO speed: 200   Max aperture: 1.6   Natural light


Photography by Kenyan Story

Muse: Dollie Manja

Assistant Photographer: Denji

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