This new Gin will not give you hangover - V.E.S Gin

This new Gin will not give you hangover - V.E.S Gin

‘Damn hangover…I will never drink again.’ That’s a Sunday morning anthem that almost everybody knows. Mostly the guys who go to the club on Friday and party the whole weekend. Others just party everyday and hangover is like their partner in crime. They are sort of used to each others company. Well, hangover is a confused disease that makes people sick after having fun. But this is coming to an end because V.E.S Spirits has unveiled their new gin dubbed V.E.S Gin that purports to not give you a hangover. Sounds fun right? You can literally drink the whole night and wake up in the morning feeling fresh, then continue drinking the same Gin with bread…haha! Alcoholism at its best my friend. 

The founder, Tombleson has a goal to provide top-quality beverage that is also good for drinkers. The drink doesn’t have any medicinal value, but it will definitely help you after a night on the town. 

Organic V.E.S Gin

The Gin is crafted in the Hunter Valley in Australia using a very old recipe. The Manual reports that it is created using a sugar cane base that is grown in nutrient-dense soil, which is enriched with B and C vitamins. These vitamins are key when it comes to combating dehydration while drinking. This, combined with a unique filtration process for their water – the founder of the drink says, create a beverage that will not give you a hangover.


The Gin is flavored by organic finger limes, pepper berry, coriander, and cranberry, giving it a smooth yet surprisingly flavorful taste. Crisp and clean, V.E.S. Gin is best served ice cold. 

This uniquely crafted drink goes for $99 in major cities like New York, California, and London. The founder has promised to expand into more countries across the globe and let’s pray that Kenyans can at least taste it in 2018. 


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