How to Unmask a Cheat - Diamond and Zari love triangle

How to Unmask a Cheat - Diamond and Zari love triangle

How to unmask a cheat, hm let’s see… so, recent news have revealed that Diamond has another woman who now has a baby that he has claimed. Big deal… We should declare a national day of mourning, wear sack cloths or walk naked. Time to wonder what the world has amounted to, I mean he cheated!!! I know, beats me too. Smh! 

We’re living in a time when everyone has something to say about how life should be lived. Zari and Kevin Hart’s woman (whose name I and most of you don’t know) are having it rough. Some are calling it karma, some are relationship experts suddenly, and some are just there to throw tons of shade. Ladies, my advice to you would be that if you have to advertise your man, do it either at the very beginning of your relationship or after he has already put a ring on it. My reasoning being that at the very beginning, other women who claim him also will pop up making it easy for you to decide whether that’s what you want to be dealing with or to walk. After he has put the ring on it, he has claimed you before the world and before God, if other females pop up you’d be like I’m the one with the rock so what are you doing with your lives?

Relationships and loyalty are things that no longer go hand in hand. Most of the people throwing shade, and I’m gonna specifically talk about the women, have a guy who takes care of their hair, another their rent, another their sexual needs, another their emotional needs and the boyfriend who is usually just a puppet. Someone who is good to look at and possess the kinda stuff that you showoff to people and to family. Yet, they can’t stand the abhorring behavior of the likes of Diamond. These are the first people to say all men are the same and all men are cheats, pointing fingers much?

What is cheating? In my opinion, everyone cheats, that applies in the 80/20 rule in relationships. We are human, no one is 100% so that place where your person falls short, we have the tendency to find someone who will fill that gap. You need someone who is there emotionally, physically, meets you mentally and spiritually. In short, we all are looking for angels in a world made for and full of humans. Keeping this in mind, it is only natural to cheat, where we fall short is actually distinguishing between the 80 and the 20. See, some of us focus so much on the inadequacies of the 80, we end up with the 20 and suddenly realize the value of the 80. Using this logic, I can relate with those calling it karma.

What this new baby mama has done is the oldest trick in the book i.e, find a man that will make your life easier. One with good enough morals to “do the right thing” and make sure you keep his seed in order to extort him for the rest of his life. I heard a clandestine say in a reality show I was watching, “I knew my life of work ended when I had his baby”. That was of course after shit hit the fan and she was forced back into working. We live in a crazy world people!! This whole thing was very well orchestrated and executed. How do I know? When a person is taking photos while you are asleep and naked next to them, especially when it’s not in your matrimonial bed, you know they’re up to no good. I thought it was rather convenient how suddenly photos of them in bed together popped up. Also, when a woman gets to the point where she gives birth, it is a sane decision from the time of conception to keep the pregnancy. Anyway, that’s not my cup of coffee.

This is all just show business, people cheat everywhere and nobody gives a fuck but when they do they get more famous, give us something to talk about, to obsess over. I am even stunned that it’s gotten to a point where I have to write about it . When Diamond cheated, it didn’t make him any less of an artist or Kevin Hart any less of a comedian. We are who we are. How to unmask a cheat, just look in the mirror, we all are. That male friend your woman has, that’s the 20% you’re deficient and vice versa. What a time to be alive ladies and gentlemen, what a time to be growing up and what a time to be falling in love.

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