College hunting? KeMU is where you want to go

College hunting? KeMU is where you want to go

So it is September and you are probably shopping around for campus. By the way if you asked any random guy on the streets they’ll tell you they joined campus in September like it’s the Kenyan Christmas time. So here you are now, you have probably visited the internet multiple times checking out the funkiest campuses around Nairobi.

Well, you either belong to the category of peeps whose ideal is a campus around Nairobi or you are too afraid of the craziness in town and busy life so you just want some quiet countryside atmosphere that feels great a campus to be all the same. You are probably searching for the Kenya Methodist University (KeMU).

Because KeMU gives you the choice to learn in the relative tranquil of Meru in the serene highlands, or on the busy streets of Nairobi. A survey by Corporate Staffing Services (CSS) in 2015 showed that while employers generally assessed graduates on the basis of technical expertise, industry knowledge and exposure through internship, they also placed a premium on favorable soft skills.

In the end, the holistically developed graduate, the study found, tended to win the day in the employment market. In this poll, CSS placed Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) at number five among Kenyan private universities whose graduates employers preferred.

You want to be at Kenya Methodist University has heavily invested in latest technology that makes it possible to learn. From medicine to computer equipped research laboratories, you will be at peace learning. There is an online library available to guide learners and provide instant solutions whenever necessary, much the same way as would happen in a physical library.

The University provides a premier academic courses in its schools of Medicine and Health Sciences, Business and Economics, Education and Social Sciences, and Science and Technology, all structured to expose students to a learning environment that promotes excellence in scholarship, research and selfless service to the society.

So you are looking to be the next doctor or nurse on demand? KeMU is among the few private universities in Kenya today that train medical professionals. In Kenya, medical studies are largely offered in public universities, owing mainly to the heavy investments involved in providing such courses.

For the sake of your convenience, most of the courses are also offered in diverse modes of study. These include evening, weekend and holiday classes. Such flexibility enables working students who may not find adequate time to study during the day.

If you are searching for the best education; how about the Kenya Methodist University? Apply here.

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