So you are betting? Manchester United will lose this weekend

So you are betting? Manchester United will lose this weekend

Next time I watch Chelsea play I promise you I’ll go to a joint. Last week when Marcos Alonzo fired in the screamer that called it 2-1 for us against Tottenham when I watched that game from my living room, I celebrated the goal in so much noise and ecstasy my little son woke up from the bedroom and screamed. His mother has never forgiven me. Well, it’s because last week Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United armchair analysts had predicted a walloping at the hands of Spurs.

On Monday night, we watched Wayne Rooney pull off his 200th Premier League goal to match the all-time great Allan Shearer. It can never get any better for Wazza the smooth operator. He has made his mark in history and in front of goals. Even more spectacular is the fact that his even number goals ending in zero have always come against the noisy neighbors Manchester City. His stint at Everton is going to be as glorious as it has been at Old Trafford.

Fast forward to this weekend. I will be very candid with you. If you want to bet am going to show you where your money should go. Manchester City plays Bournemouth in the first weekend encounter at 2: 30 PM Kenyan time. The Citizens, though playing away, will win because they can’t afford to widen the gap between them and league leaders right now. They are strong contenders of the title this season and you can bet Pep Guardiola has learnt from his mistakes. The worst they can get is a draw. So 2 or 2X will still get you your money.

Manchester United fraternity now think they’ve made it in life after 8 goals in two games without much of a reply. The Red Devils play Leicester City early evening Kenyan time in an encounter many claim is done and dusted. But I don’t think so. Immediate former champions are tricky nuts that don’t just crack easy. I expect a spirited effort to get a draw or win for Leicester out of Old Trafford and did I say that would be the best news since Gaucho Ronaldinho? Though as for your money, I don’t want to advise you on this particular game.

Chelsea kicks off match day on Sunday against Everton. Expect fireworks at Stamford Bridge because Everton will lose. Yes, I said it. Everton will be lucky to escape with a battered draw. Battered really is the word because its apparent they’ll mount a spirited fight that will rely on another Wayne Rooney wonder when Chelsea is already picking up the random scorer form that devastated defenders last season, running route through Arsenal and Manchester United when the giants least expected. The Blues will however continue to strongly miss the finishing magic of Diego Costa.

I wanted to continue writing until I noticed that Arsenal is playing Liverpool Sunday at 6PM. Am stopping here because the result is a foregone conclusion. The current form Liverpool has shown in the last three four games only allows Arsene Wenger hope but not peace of mind. The hope is made stronger by the fact that spontaneous Lacazette might just find the back of the net twice or even thrice on Sunday to register his first hat-trick. If he doesn’t and the Reds run riot as is expected, Wenger will be forced to do the usual, introduce Olivier Giroud. Money with Jurgen Klopp on this one.  Until then, do have yourself a muse master weekend, won’t you?

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