A painful divorce in August: The end of plastic carrier and flat bags

A painful divorce in August: The end of plastic carrier and flat bags

There is something about families and relationships. They are built over time and entail strong emotional bonds. The government of Kenya has engineered one hell of a divorce that Kenyans will take a long time to move on from. The love of plastic carrier bags and flat bags is the longest relationship any typical Kenyan has kept in a long time. As little children, most of us rolled the little clear packaging bags into air-tight bags then exploded them like bombs close to ears of whoever was nearby, of course for the sheer fun and thrill of it. The result was even better if the little explosion startled the target.

But the best part of plastic packaging bags remains the quick remedy resort, the ease with which many convert them into makeshift football balls for the village playground. Who needed expensive football balls bought from shops any way to enjoy the beautiful game? As a little boy, the ability to make a perfect polythene makeshift ball aided by sisal ropes or some synthetic strings picked and cobbled up here and there made you an instant hero.

Owning such a polythene football ball made one a heavily sought after “tycoon” among the kids and your word was law on who played and who did not. It also earned the owner the envy of his peers who would scheme day and night to steal the ball or just hide it away in the bushes. Well, I didn’t mention that some of the best memories of mama’s shopping and town people presence during Christmas was marked by branded paper bags loaded with all manner of supermarket goods.

In a court of law, cruelty and neglect of matrimonial duties are cited as key grounds for divorce. The usage of plastics in packaging is a relationship on the brink of divorce because one party (the citizen) neglected their duty to the environment. However, The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) says it will still allow use of plastic bags for primary industrial packaging and garbage collection. At great something to continue smiling about even as divorce looms!

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