Stunning photos of zebras at The Nairobi National Park

Stunning photos of zebras at The Nairobi National Park

Under an initiative dubbed Photography for conservation, Kenyan Story got a chance to learn some facts about zebras and how they are able to survive in the wild. They are very beautiful and those guys can run…don’t joke with them. This is a rundown of the facts about zebras at The Nairobi National Park…and photos.

They like to keep it cool

The Nairobi National Park

Not in its strict sense though, but zebras can disperse more than 65% of heat on a very hot day. This is very helpful for them because they cannot overheat under the hot sun.

They are very fast

The Nairobi National Park

Zebras can reach speeds of up to 65kmph when galloping across The Nairobi National Park. The speed helps them outrun predators like lions.

Social and safety in numbers 

Picking friends in the wild can be tough but zebras always touch base with other grazers for protection and they always walk in groups so that they can pull a scare in case a predator tries to kill something.

Sleep standing up

Just like horses, zebras sleep standing up, and usually only when in the safety of a group.

Unique beauty

Each zebra has a unique stripe that act as a fingerprint. The foals recognize their mothers by the pattern of their stripes


The stripes help the zebras camouflage in long grass, and distract predators.


Photos by Kenyan Story: All Rights Reserved

Thank you Versatile Adventures, Kenya Wildlife Service and BIGFOOT Adventures for the facilitation

Project: Photography in the Wild and Photography for conservation

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