Power season 4 release date confirmed for mid 2017

Power season 4 release date confirmed for mid 2017

Starz has officially renewed a 10 episode series for another season expected to debut in mid 2017. Power was first aired on starz on June 2014 and has had a successful 3 season.The third season delivered the best rating in the history of the show and also broke the record of the network.It became the most watched scripted series.

It can be recalled in the previous series that James St. Patrick, nicknamed Ghost, has the perfect life – an owner of a successful Manhattan nightclub, he’s married to a beautiful woman and lives in a stunning penthouse. He has power and money, but he also has a secret. His secret is that he doubles as a drug kingpin to the rich and influential people of New York, and his nightclub is simply a money laundering operation to legitimize his illegal cash flow. Ghost tries to find a way to step away from his narcotics venture and step into a completely legitimate lifestyle, but this decision may be jeopardized by his sidekick Tommy, who will go to any length to keep the drug cash cow working as a well-oiled machine.He gets to have more nightclub and rekindles his romance with Angela,his son is being held hostage and Knox learns about who the mole is leading to his death.

Season four will be picked off from from where “ghost” was arrested by Angela in front of the entire club,being arrested by the woman he loves and trust will have a deep impact in his life. He thought Angela loved him so much that he could get away with anything and while he didn’t actually kill Greg,he didn’t protect himself from looking like he would and he certainly said some s**h that he shouldn’t have said to her including when they were in the dinner,”I had to protect you from Greg,”she told the website.

Show runner Courtney Kemp mentioned that the season will undergo a major transformation changes with “ghost” behind bars and Angela finding the truth about agent Knox death. “With ghost behind bars,FBI agent Mike Sandoval is pretty confident that he is free of any charges.” An excerpt from the article reads.it seem like the truth on Agent Knox death will come out sooner than expected.

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